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community-based research activist | insurrectionary | intellectual insurgent

Objective & Background

Doctoral student, experienced executive leader, author, podcaster, and creative visionary

Graduate research on abolition. trauma, and disordered relationships with drugs

Pursuing Maryland Licensure as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC)
Licensed Graduate Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LGADC)

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Maryland Insurance Producer - 2139160

Recovery Coach Professional - RCP

Registered Peer Supervisors - 0422

Certified Maryland Notary Public

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Trauma and Addiction

current resume here

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Vitae: About Us
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strategic leadership in action

Chief Clinical Officer

Director of Integrated Behavioral Health

Recovery Chaplain

Director of Substance Abuse Programs

OP & IOP  Substance Abuse Counselor

Registered Peer Supervisor

Substance Abuse Counselor

Co-Director of PRP Services

PRP Rehabilitation Coordinator

Director of Programs and Outreach

Interim Director of Lifelong Learning

Senior Research & Project Lead

Founder & Director

Family & Community Engagement Specialist

Membership Coordinator


Director, EYA Internship Program

Program Advocacy Research

* insurrectionist *

Vitae: Welcome


2024.    DrPH     Morgan State University.        

                            Public Health: Socio-Behavioral Epidemiology.

2022.   NThD    The New Theology School.

                           Street Theology, Social Justice, Recovery Studies

2021.    D. Min.   Wesley Theological Seminary.

                            Public Engagement: Confronting/Healing Communal Brokenness/Despair.  

2021.   AAS.      Behavioral Health Counseling. 

2021.    AdvCer  Community College of Baltimore County             

                            Behavioral Health Counseling, Advanced Certificate.

2010.    M.Div.    Wesley Theological Seminary.

                            Liberation Theology, Urban Ministry. Youth & Young Adult Ministry         

2007.    B.A.       The University of Tennessee.         

                           Political Science and Africana Studies.

Vitae: About


my role is how the future comes to be - adrienne maree brown

Vitae: Causes


Emotional CPR certification (eCPR -Connect, emPower, Revitalize), & WRAP Facilitator certificate (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). Workshops in WHAM (Whole Health Action Management), Motivational Interviewing, TIPS (Trauma Informed Peer Support), & Trauma-Care. SMART Recovery Facilitator/Family and Friends Training, Naloxone Training, Naloxone Train-the-Trainers

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Landing Digital Organizers’ Training.

Digital Organizer Training.

We Will Not Be Muted Women of Color Cohort.

Ethics for Recovery Coaches.

 CCAR Spirituality for Recovery Coaches.

CCAR Professional for Recovery Coaches. 

Virtual Recovery Coach Academy.

Emotional CPR.  


International Coaching Foundation Ethics.

Suicide Awareness for African Americans based on Safe Talk Principles

The Supportive Role of Chaplains and Social Workers During Social Distancing.

Trauma Informed Peer Support.

Fast Track to The Center for Learning’s Certificate in End-of-Life Care.            

Psychological First Aid/During Covid.

First Aid for Opioid Overdoses.

Vicarious Trauma: Help for the Helper.

Motivation Interviewing/Recovery Coaching.

Frontline Conversations on Grief.

Comprehensive Assessment of Complex Trauma.

Addressing Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Families Affected by Substance Use

Clinical Implications of Spirituality, Religion, and Child Trauma Recovery.

Complicating Complex Trauma: A Look at Families Who Experience Chronic Trauma.

Exposed Newborns: Development, Assessment and Treatment

Impact of Polyvictimization on LGBTQ Youth and Adults

Treatment Planning for Complex Trauma Conceptualization and Core Components.

Understanding and Treating Caregiver Substance Abuse and Trauma: A Focus on the Family.

Psychological First Aid.

The Neurobiology of Complex Trauma.

Understanding Harm Reduction.

Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching


Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Program Evaluation and Evaluation Capacity Building

Facilitating the Fundamentals of Racial Justice Work

Executive Leadership and Public Narrative.

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Vitae: Text


Skills, Presentations, Publications, Writing, Research


Leadership: Energetic natural leader, mentor, visionary, inventiveness, oral communication, board development, crisis leadership, emotionally intelligent and emotionally sensitive management, strengths-based trauma-care approach

Management: executive leadership, strategic planning, organizational development, solution-oriented problem solver, designing and implementing shared leadership models, community-oriented management, supervisor trainings, conflict meditation training, crisis management

Programming: Program development, outreach plans, asset mapping, program analysis, program evaluation

Writing: Grant writing, development, research, written community, writing letters, advocacy, reports, content creation

Workplace competencies: trauma competent, database management, intrapersonal, psychological first aid

Addiction Recovery: Harm reduction skills, develop discharge plans, facilitate and document recovery plans, assists in identifying and sharing coping skills and coping strategies, pastoral counseling, facilitate pastoral family interventions, cultivate community wellness plans rooted in holistic theories, liaise with insurance companies, design and facilitate community-based recovery and lifestyle groups, design and host peer groups for people struggling with opioid use, addiction, and substance use and disordered use, crisis intervention, design and facilitate support groups and group and family therapy and counseling (w/ supervision), assist with IOP/OP, PRP, PHP, group housing, transitional housing, sober living; rehabilitation readiness. Experience in family systems theory, CBT, and DBT. Familiar with many recovery models, including but not limited too: 12 Step, Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery



2020     BLUU/Team Sankofa                                National Bailouts Initiatives & Faith-based Organizing

2020     BLUU/Team Sankofa                                Babies and Bailouts Panel Discussion

2020     First UU of Houston                                   The Fire This Time – Responding to the Killing of George Floyd
                                                                                    & White Supremacy

2020     NC Craft Brewer’s Guild                           Fostering Diversity in Craft Beer
2019     The Black Communities Conference     Trauma, Transformation, and Liberation

2019     The Sentencing Project                            Racial Disparities in the criminal justice system, opioids, and
                                                                                   addiction. The path to restorative justice

2019     The Graduate Theological Conference        Suga Bear Speaks: A Kite to the Girls Inside. Reflections on

                                                                                          Black Liberation, Theology, and Hope

2019     Wesley Theological Seminary                  Case Study: Opioids, addiction, and mass incarceration in

                                                                                     Baltimore City

2017     Brewbound                                                  Diversity and Liberation in the Craft Brewing Industry

2014     TRY/IBE                                                        The Dark, Lethal Passenger – Working towards a Queer
                                                                                    Androgynous Love Ethic through the works of James Baldwin

2013     The African American Lectionary            Youth Sunday

2013     Renaissance Arts                                        Theos. Understanding God from the Periphery

2013     Renaissance Arts                                        The Damnation of Women in the 21st Century & Watts

2012     Capitol Region Education Council           Multicultural Education and Transforming Our Schools by Youth


2012.    Middlesex Consortium                              Youth Establishing Strength and School Based Organizing

2012.    CT Afterschool Network                           Multicultural Education in the 21st Century

2011.    FCADV                                                         LGBT Teens and the impacts of domestic violence and intimate

                                                                                   Partner violence

2011.    BMORE Proud Symposium                      Queerying Religion

2009.    GRIBP                                                         Social Security: A Quandary in the Entitlement Fiasco

2009.    The Fund for Theological Education    Sistah Somebody. Working Towards a Black Lesbian Liberation                                                                                                                                    Theology



  • Recovery chaplaincy, the opioid crisis, and substance abuse counseling in suburban and urban

  • communities.

  • Impact of social isolation during coronavirus among people who use drugs and/or opioids

  • Public Health as abolitionist practice and foundation for decarceration, decriminalization, and liberation

  • Abolition theology and Public Health

  • Impacts and implications of public health policy rooted in #DefundingPolice and #DefendingBlacklLves

  • Traumatic brain injury, complex trauma, and recovery

  • Decarcerating Liberation. Mass incarceration, mental health, opioid crisis. Moving from despair and hopelessness to healing, recovery, restoration, transformation & liberation

  • Organizing and Liberating Hope: Communal responses to addiction, the opioid crisis, and mass

  • Empowering Black Girl Magic: Unpacking the school-to-prison  pipeline, mass incarceration, and solutions for a future with hope

  • Finding Hope and Liberation through the Powerful Binds of Authentic Community Building.

  • Community is Brewing. Models for empowerment for the marginalized and dispossessed.

  • Understanding the Tenacity of White Supremacy. Mass incarceration, opioids, and collective liberation.

  • Suga Bear Speaks: A Kite to my Girls Inside. Reflections on mass incarceration, mental health, sex work, and the opioid crisis.

Vitae: Take Action
Vitae: Pro Gallery
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