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Dr. L.A., along with project: liberation, the Houston Chapel Institute, and Serenity Treatment Center are collaborating to increase accessibility to recovery/wellness services and programs. Details below!

For more immediate connections, please feel free to text Dr. L.A. at 443-252-3834. You may also email Doc at

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If you are looking for a trauma-informed counselor, with a focus in addiction recovery/wellness, you're in the right spot! Individual services are offered by Dr. L.A. at Serenity Treatment Center. In-person and telehealth offered. Services offered to those with insurance, Medicaid, and those who are uninsured. Complete the referral form (below - Schedule today! button). Consent form can be completed here.

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Dr. L.A. is collaborating with several Maryland based integrative behavioral health and peer-support providers to offer a wide variety of group sessions to the community; both OP (outpatient) and psychoeducation groups. If this is something of interest, please let Serenity know ASAP by completing the referral form here.



In collaboration with Marki Webber of Guided Focusing, Dr. L.A. offers Guided Focusing opportunities for individuals and groups. This time of internal reflection and connecting to the felt-sense offers deeper understanding of oneself and the world. If you are interested in the Recovery Focusing process, please let Dr. L.A. know just as soon as possible. New cohorts to launch Fall 2021. 

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Interested in exploring literature and poetry as a method of healing past trauma and substance use? Join us for our bibliotherapy community-groups!

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Get Connected with Doc & crew!

Clinical services on-site at Serenity Treatment Center

Peer Services through project: liberation and the Houston Chapel Institute. 

Telehealth appointments are available by request.


Addictions Counseling & Complex Trauma Healing

Dr. L.A., LGADC, is pursuing licensure as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. While completing the remaining graduate requirements, "Doc" is seeing clients at Serenity Treatment Center. Doc has specialized training in trauma-informed care, healing-centered engagement, bibliotherapy, Focusing, and holistic practices of wellness.


Connecting, Empowering, Revitalizing (from eCPR)

Dr. L.A. experience in training in several clinical areas, including but not limited to:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialetical Behavioral Therapy
Feminist Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Person-Centered Approaches
Trauma Counseling
Trans and Gender-Affirming Care
& so much more!

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Accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and the uninsured.

If you are interested in seeing Dr. L.A. McCrae, LGADC, for individual substance abuse counseling/addictions counselor and/or groups, please let Dr. L.A. know ASAP. You may email Dr. L.A. at Please also complete the Referral Form, which can be found here and:

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How do I know if this approach is right for me?

Dr. L.A. McCrae is on a mission to bring high-quality, integrative behavioral health care to the Maryland Peer Recovery Network. "Doc" has a passion for addictions counseling, with trauma-informed approaches as well as developing a new cadre of certified peer leaders in the State of Maryland. 

Doc is a Black, queer, trans clinician working alongside of Serenity Treatment Center to increase access to recovery/wellness services in Frederick County, Maryland. 

Doc believes in person-centered, trauma-informed, healing-centered approaches that put clients and comrades in the seat of their recovery/wellness journey. Let's walk this road of wellness together, friend. #letsgetwellyall

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Of course, our clients have various needs. We do our best to focus on issues that create deeper pathways to healing and liberation. Some of the issues addressed, along with the addictions counseling, are included below:

  • Abandonment

  • Anxiety

  • Codependency

  • Complex Trauma

  • Co-Occurring

  • Emotional Distress/Crises

  • Gambling

  • Grief


  • Peer Relationships

  • PTSD

  • Spirituality

  • Stress

  • TBI

  • Trans Issues

  • Queer

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