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... on healing ...

In the late Spring of 2016, it seemed like my world was caving in. I was desperately searching for tangible signs of hope. My partner and I had just been arrested in North Carolina, twice, for civil disobedience and political activism. There was an overwhelming sense of grief and hopelessness that began to cling to my spirit. And, it made me sick. I was sick in ways that I could not express. My spirit was unwell, I was in a constant state of dis-ease, and joy was hard to come by.

In this period of sickness and dis-ease, I had to wrestle with myself, my Ancestors, and my calling. Many confidantes and friends invited me to a wellness and wholeness journey. What did that even mean? How could I focus on my wellness when swimming in the sea of toxicity? There was no other choice but to get well, be about the business of transformation, and… heal. It was a journey. It is still a journey. I am grateful for the sojourners and how far I’ve come. But the journey is not over yet…

Healing. Healing is much easier said than done. There was such a focus on healing. Being. Unraveling. Getting to the core of things. But no one seemed to have the blueprint! How discourteous! And in my imperfect and broken ways, I began to learn about my brokenness so that I could be broken open to the immense possibilities of healing.

It is important to note that true healing and transformation, becoming and unbecoming is a journey. And that journey is not linear. We have to confront the parts of ourselves that we would rather live in the shadows. And we have to celebrate...frequently!

In the Winter of 2020, I had an opportunity to share and learn from Rev. Dr. Lorena Parrish. In Dr. Parrish’s course, she offered a womanist framework that has been life-altering. She invited us to consider rooting and grounding in things that are: life-affirming, life-giving, and life-nourishing. These simple principles, LAGN (as known by my family, friends, and I), are foundational pieces for my healing and wellness.

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