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Sermon seed for Soul Matters June 2020 about "Compassion"

Many of us are sitting at home and have, in week X, adjusted to the new normal. We’re in a place and position where we can slow down and re calibrate our speed. We can take more outbreaths.

But for some of the population, this is not the reality. We have teachers still trying to hold academic space with students until the end of the year. Seniors who are still considered “essential employees” and heading to work everyday. Grocery store employees rushing to fill shelves. Preachers virtually laying hands on sick congregants. Nurses holding phones to patients’ ears as they say goodbye for the last time.

Things are rough.

And, a new generation of addicts is being birthed in our midst. Trips to the emergency room for heart attack and stroke are down. People who thought that recovered from the virus are now dying of stroke. These are confusing and difficult times.

And yet, there are others who have flocked to State capitol buildings asserting their constitutional rights and demanding an end to stay-at-home orders.

All of us are grieving, mourning, doing our best to make it through day after day.

How are we being called, in this moment, to be people of compassion? Where can we grow in our capaciousness to hold complex compassion?

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